First steps to your own flat


New or used flat?

Advantages of purchasing a new flat

A new flat is, well, new. It has never been used before and can be arranged according to your needs, with the following factors in mind:

  • 1. You can choose your dream flat that meets your expectations as to the following:
    • - floor
    • - size
    • - directions (north/south etc.)
    • - number of rooms
    • - project appearance
    • - location
    • - quality of finishing
  • Possibility of tailoring your flat and planning specific features.
  • Great flexibility in design and arrangement.
  • The joy of designing and arranging your own flat.
  • A new kitchen, bathroom, toilet
  • New, energy-saving construction technologies.
  • Modern technical solutions.
  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to many modern technical solutions.
  • Flat and building are under full warranty.
  • New, fashionable industrial design of materials used for finishing common areas.
  • A new flat has a feeling of comfort for you and your family. Security and modern monitoring systems.
  • Modern, colorful and safe playgrounds and many amenities for residents.
  • When purchasing a new flat, you can choose a comfortable parking space in a car park or underground garage – no more parking on the curb of a narrow street.
  • Agreeable, green building surroundings – lanes, pergolas, benches, fountains that please the eye and ear.
  • No need to climb stairs! All our buildings are equipped with an elevator, which is of particular importance for mothers with children and elderly people.
  • No need to worry about your bicycle – virtually all new blocks of flats have designated space for storing bicycles and baby carriages.
  • The value of your new flat will rise in the future, so if you decide to sell it, you will certainly not lose the money you invested.
  • No gas installation means more safety for you and your family. By purchasing a flat, you become members of a modern housing association, which is very unlike that relic of bygone ages, the housing cooperative.You can influence the way your estate develops!
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Disadvantages of purchasing a used flat

  • Note: most premises offered on the market were constructed in the 1970s and are riddled with numerous architectural errors and low quality of finishing materials.
  • Used flats often have poor thermal isolation parameters, which in the future mean lower living comfort and increased heat bills.
  • Buildings constructed 20 or 30 years ago have less sophisticated, often uncomfortable layouts, and require greater expenditures when renovated
  • Your neighbors are often random people who moved there long ago during the communist era, when flats were arbitrarily assigned with residents having no say in the matter.
  • Used premises may contain traces of previous occupants, and their tastes and preferences may not be to your liking.
  • Using the secondary market means that your choices of flat layout in a particular location are limited
  • A used flat has a high probability of defects.
  • A used flat requires lots of money for renovation and maintenance, not to say rearranging to suit your own needs.
  • There is no warranty for the flat or its finishing
  • Obsolete construction technologies, such as deficient intercom systems, the need to replace installations, meters, windows etc. means that renovations can turn into a nightmare.
  • Higher maintenance costs due to obsolete construction technologies
  • Frequent issues with lack of parking spaces and garages
  • Elevators are either nonexistent, or obsolete and shabby, staircases narrow and less-than-clean – all of this tends to produce a disagreeable impression.
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Choosing the location

The next step when purchasing a flat is to choose a suitable location. Here, the most important thing is your lifestyle and needs. Do you prefer a smaller flat in a prestigious neighborhood close to the city center, or a larger one far from the madding crowd?

You need to remember that it is the estate's location that primarily affects the price of residential property.

Once you have selected a location, you need to pick a specific development project.What do you need to pay attention to? The most important thing is functionality and architectural features. Do check the following:

  • the size of the building
  • does the building have everything necessary for residential purposes – silent elevators, underground garages, individual storage cells
  • the appearance of the garage and how were the immediate surroundings of the estate designed (playgrounds, walking routes, green areas).

Check your future neighborhood

The immediate neighborhood of the selected project is essential for your comfort. Depending on your needs, you should learn whether there public amenities important for you in the vicinity, such as schools, kindergartens, medical facilities and retail and service outlets. It is important to check whether the network of public transport routes and roads will allow you to commute comfortably and return home safely. It also pays to learn how are surroundings will change in the next few years.

You will find more information about your future neighbors at our website in the section describing your chosen residential estate.


Check the development company you are purchasing the flat from

Once you have chosen a specific project, check who is in charge! You should especially pay attention to the development company's history on the Polish market, its previous projects, its experience, and opinions from customers who have used its services. Remember that a development company that is a member of the Polish Association of Development Companies and applies the Code of Good Practice in relations with its customers is more likely to be reliable.

Dom Development has been active on the market since 1996. As a founding member of the Polish Association of Development Companies, we coauthored the PADC Code of Good Practices.


Visit an Apartment Sales Office

At the Apartment Sales Office dedicated to a particular project you will be shown details of your future flat. Our advisor will show you the estate map, flat layout and a preliminary visualization. If the flat that interests you has already been constructed, the advisor can offer a tour. At the Apartment Sales Office you will also learn all about property financing: the exact price, payment schedule and any possibilities of turnkey finishing.


Property financing

To choose the best method of financing your property, you can pay a visit directly to your selected developer. Dom Development has an independent credit advice team that, unlike most intermediaries on the market, is looking solely after your interests when contacting financial institutions. The team showcases the full mortgage offering of Polish banks, as well as tailored property financing schemes offered exclusively at Dom Development.


Ask the way, don't go astray

When checking whether a development company is credible and reliable, you may find opinions of those who have already purchased a flat there highly valuable. It is a good idea to visit the completed stages of a specific estate or other projects built by the company and talk to the residents. This way, you will be able to obtain impartial information about the quality of completed projects.


Signing the contract

Having taken all the above steps towards owning your own flat – selecting and checking the development company, choosing a flat and the financing method – you are in the position to sign a reservation statement. In the statement, the parties undertake to conclude a development (final) contract in the future. According to the Development Company Act in effect, the statement should contain all essential terms and conditions to be placed in the development (final) contract.


Finishing the flat

Once you have signed the development (final) contract and the project is underway, you can start thinking about finishing your flat. If you have decided to purchase your flat from Dom Development, you can take advantage of a special offer from our interior decoration team – turnkey flats that you can move into immediately upon receiving your keys. Our designers will help you select the finishing materials and give you tips on interesting architectural solutions.

The flat finishing service is increasingly valued by Polish customers and development companies are eager to offer it. In developed countries, flats sold as “shell units” are now rare.

Dom Development has always offered its customers turnkey solutions, with many years of experience in this respect as a result.


Flat acceptance

The moment when you are invited to pick up your keys and enter your flat for the first time is always a memorable occasion. But you should not forget that this is also the time to review the development company's work. It is best to make an appointment during daylight hours to assess the premises in detail. Remember to have the flat design to hand and to check whether it matches the actual outcome and meets the terms and conditions of the contract. It pays to use the services of a qualified inspector who can help you accept the flat.


Moving in

The day of moving into the flat of your dreams has come. You may want to be prepared in advance and sort your belongings so as to avoid taking something that is not necessary. Prior to moving you should also wrap up all transport-related issues – in that way, the first day in your new flat will remain in your memory as an enjoyable experience.