Frequently Asked Questions

Do all flats come with a balcony/loggia/terrace?

Yes, all flats offered at Dom Developments feature spacious balconies or terraces accessible from the living room and clearly separated from those of your neighbors.Premises on the ground floor usually feature home gardens.

Does the company offer the possibility of turnkey finishing of a purchased apartment? How long has the company been offering interior finishing schemes?

We have been offering our customers comprehensive interior finishing schemes, suited to their various expectations, since 2008.

Does the developer own the plot of land on which the estate is to be located?

We always construct our estates on land we own and for which we have a final construction permit.

Does the company assist in selecting the best mortgage?

Dom Development has its own credit advice team that, together with banks, prepares special mortgage offers for Dom Development customers. Through the credit advice team, customers can access cheaper mortgages and need to wait shorter times before they are granted.

Is the company a member of the Polish Association of Development Companies (PADC)?

The Polish Association of Development Companies was founded in 2001 and bands together more than a hundred companies from all over Poland that can boast professional customer service and transparent activities. Dom Development is a founding member of the PADC and applies a Code of Good Practice and List of Development Contract Clauses in its relations with customers.

Does the company offer its customers professional post-purchase care?

Dom Development has its own, professional customer service team that will assist you and reply to your questions during the entire construction stage and beyond.

What are the highlights of Dom Development flats compared to the offering of other development companies?

Our flats are designed in a manner than exceeds typical standards. The height of premises is up to 3 meters, depending on the project. Our bedrooms are spacious and efficient, not less than 9 sq. m., and they also feature a wardrobe and bathroom in the largest (master type) flats. Three room flats are equipped with an additional lavatory, and larger ones also feature space to install another bathtub. Halls are limited to 15% of flat surface, and you can choose where to place the corridor wardrobe.