Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights

The Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights has been active in Poland since 1996. It is an association which carries out its statute-enshrined objectives by popularizing Polish language and culture, promoting reading and education among children and young people, developing and protecting printed works, and propagating the idea of a fair and fraternal Europe. The Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights is a wholly independent organization that unites eminent people from the fields of education, culture, business, science, religion and politics.

Based on its statutory provisions, the Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights is currently the originator and organizer of the following projects:

  • The ‘Polish Language Ball’ charity event
  • The ‘Bibliomania’ Book Festival
  • ‘Internet Users Parade’
  • Charity performances at the Warsaw Grand Theater
  • Charity performances at the National Philharmonic on Children's Day
  • The Polish Artisan Guilds Convention
  • ‘BiblioNet’
  • Warsaw Christmas Eve Meetings (organized in cooperation with Warsaw municipal authorities)
  • Family Picnic (organized in cooperation with Warsaw municipal authorities)

The Polish Guild of Gutenberg Knights has since its inception assisted libraries with in-kind gifts in the form of books.

To care for Poles living in Eastern European countries and beyond, the Guild has extended its activities to cooperation with foreign establishments. The Guild supplies books to the Polish Educational Society in Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine.

The activities of the Guild are possible because of the generosity of its sponsors The sponsors are the principal reason behind PGGK's ability to achieve its statutory objectives, bringing joy to children that benefit from the initiatives. One of our regular sponsors is Dom Development, a company that has generously supported projects carried out by the Guild. Thanks to Dom Development, children can participate in charity performances staged at the Grand Theater or National Philharmonic.

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the company.

Publication date: 13.05.2014

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