The Centaurus Foundation

The Centaurus Foundation wants to thank Dom Development for support in rescuing and giving a new lease of life to two stallions from the Klenica locality.

The animals, kept in appalling conditions and undernourished, would have stood no chance had it not been for your help – many thanks for saving their life.

The Centaurus Foundation was registered in May 2006 in Wrocław and immediately awarded the Public Benefit Organization status in recognition of the merits of its founders.

We act as a nationwide non-commercial foundation.

Members of the foundation include people from many areas – we are an organization that transcends divisions. We do not unite any specific group of people – those who joined us were brought together by their willingness to act, their love of animals and intention to help children, as well as fondness for various forms of art.

Our overall performance has been recognized by the Golden Leaf statuette and the Homini Bono 2008 title by Radio Zachód.

We are the authors and sponsors of the Hippotherapy 2008 project; thanks to the assistance and generosity of donors we were able to support several social organizations providing active rehabilitation to children and the disabled.

Our logistics department is located in Poznań Our activities include not only hippotherapy but also rejection therapy (children from orphanages should have an opportunity to socialize with animals) and social rehabilitation for correction facility inmates (contact with and caring for animals teaches respect) Considering the numerous applications from the region, we need a place near Poznań in which to conduct our activities, and we have been seeking one for more than a year. We look for premises that can be adapted for stables and rooms in which massage for children (complementing hippotherapy) can be performed, community centers, and roofed premises to hold classes.


Publication date: 10.06.2008

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