The “Hug a Dog” Animal Care Foundation

The ‘Hug a Dog’ Animal Care Foundation sincerely thanks employees of the Dom Development company for support given to homeless animals living at the Homeless Animal Shelter in Żyrardów at Czysta 3. The shelter houses about 100 dogs and several cats. Like all similar institutions, it is challenged by financial problems and an insufficient adoption rate leading to crowded conditions.

The ‘Hug a Dog’ Animal Care Foundation saves animals by taking homeless pets under its wing and offering them treatment, food, vaccination, and a place to stay and wait for a new home. Another aspect of our activities is supporting impoverished shelters from around Warsaw. These include the shelters at Boguszyce Małe, Pomiechówek (run by Mrs. Antonina Jaworska), Żyrardów, and the private pet asylum of Mrs. Ewa Biedrzycka. A number of others are still waiting in line. We also link up with the Warsaw Paluch shelter, but because of their relatively good financial condition our assistance focuses on supporting adoptions and socializing dogs

Publication date: 08.04.2014