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29. Aleja is located only 2 km from Cracow's Town Square, at the intersection of Prandoty and 29 Listopada Streets. The location near the city centre encourages active participation in the cultural life of the town, frequent meetings with friends and long walks. 29. Aleja is an excellent opportunity for young people and investors in the real estate market.


  • attractive architecture designed with great attention to detail
  • localized 2 km from the Main Market Square, so the city's rich cultural and entertainment offer is at hand
  • numerous Cracovian universities are nearby, e.g. University of Economics and University of Agriculture
  • only 3 minutes by car to the Main Railway Station and the shopping mall Galeria Krakowska
  • very good public transport connections, close to bus and tram stops

Green Project Charter

The Green Project Charter (GPC) is an internal standard (included in our EGS strategy) which guarantees optimal benefits for residents, and design solutions that are consistent with the priorities of sustainable urban development.

29. Aleja project complies with the requirements of the Green Project Charter as it has a wide range of features that ensure comfort of living and caring for the environment. Learn more about our Green Charter.

  • 1/10 - 29 Aleja - Widok na budynek od al. 29 Listopada - wieczór
    29 Aleja - Widok na budynek od al. 29 Listopada - wieczór
  • 2/10 - 29 Aleja - Widok na budynek od al. 29 Listopada - dzień
    29 Aleja - Widok na budynek od al. 29 Listopada - dzień
  • 3/10 - 29 Aleja - Widok na tarasy z panoramą Krakowa - wieczór
    29 Aleja - Widok na tarasy z panoramą Krakowa - wieczór
  • 4/10 - 29 Aleja - Widok na tarasy z panoramą Krakowa - dzień
    29 Aleja - Widok na tarasy z panoramą Krakowa - dzień
  • 5/10 - 29 Aleja - Widok na zielone patio
    29 Aleja - Widok na zielone patio
  • 6/10 - 29 Aleja - Widok na budynek od strony patio
    29 Aleja - Widok na budynek od strony patio
  • 7/10 - 29 Aleja - Widok na elewację od al. 29 Listopada
    29 Aleja - Widok na elewację od al. 29 Listopada
  • 8/10 - 29 Aleja - Wizualizacja części wspólnych - Wejście do klatki
    29 Aleja - Wizualizacja części wspólnych - Wejście do klatki
  • 9/10 - 29.Aleja - Wizualizacja części wspólnych - Piętro
    29.Aleja - Wizualizacja części wspólnych - Piętro
  • 10/10 - 29 Aleja - Plan inwestycji
    29 Aleja - Plan inwestycji
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The location of the 29. Aleja provides many benefits:

  • 2km away to the main square, which provides wide range opportunities to spend free time
  • a three-minute drive to Dworzec Główny
  • fast access to public transport -  50m to nearest the bus stop, 600m to the nearest tram station
  • proximity of 29. Aleja ensures a convenient journey thorugh the city



29. Aleja will be completed at the intersection of Prandoty and 29 Listopada Streets, close to the former outskirts. The closeness of the Town Square is undoubtedly an advantage for persons appreciating the rich cultural & entertainment opportunities of a vibrant city. Modern office centres, universities and Krakowska Shopping Mall with numerous shops and service facilities are available near the project. Pleasant walks are encouraged not only by the closeness of Planty, but also Kleparski Park. The walk to the bus stop is 2 minutes, and it takes 3 minutes to drive from the Main Railway Station to the residential area.

Advantages of the location and surroundings:

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    Excellent location in the centre of the city – 20 minutes to the Market Square.

  • ikonka

    2 minutes away from the bus stop

  • ikonka

    Rich cultural offer in the neighbourhood

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    Ideal connection with the airport

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    Proximity of schools and preschools

  • ikona

    Quiet and safe neighbourhood


A wide range of elements on the estate are there to improve the living comfort of its residents. These are:

  • grafika

    Smart Buildings

    The intelligent building solution that through a dedicated mobile application automatically opens driveway/pedestrian gates/mail entrance door and calls down the lift

  • grafika


    Dedicated area for children’s activities that offers a variety of attractions including a swing, a sandbox and custom-made wooden huts

  • grafika

    Zen zone

    Outdoor spaces featuring benches and tables, all these surrounded by greenery which provides a place for a peaceful relaxation in nature yet close to home

  • grafika


    Community access control system for the estate for individual buildings and garages

  • grafika

    Bicycle infrastructure

    A bike shelter to facilitate the convenient use of bicycles


The residential area has been designed with care for every detail. Apart from well thought-out residential space, an attractively arranged outdoor area will be prepared as a part of the project, including both plantings, playgrounds and landscaping. For people with cars, an underground garage and outdoor parking spaces have been designed, and bikers will enjoy bike storage spaces and bike racks.

Advantages of the project:

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    Excellent project to live in or for rent

  • ikonka

    Cascading architecture

  • ikonka

    Optimal sun exposure of the flats

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    Baby carriage rooms and storage rooms in the area of the estate

  • ikonka

    Safe playground

  • ikonka

    Energy-saving LED lighting in common areas

  • Energy saving elevators

    Energy-efficient lifts

  • ikonka

    Garages equipped with ventilation with carbon monoxide and propane-butane sensors

  • ikonka

    An underground garage hall and surface parking spaces next to the building

  • ikonka

    Service spaces on the ground floor of the building

  • ikonka

    Storage units


The project will have a number of green features, including:

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    Green areas

    Greenery in the form of trees and shrubs are arranged to lower the temperature on hot days, to absorb pollutants, and also to retain water thus helping conserve biodiversity

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    The use of modern LED lamps and dusk detectors, with the possibility of setting a night break so as to reduce power consumption and lower electricity bills while smartly located light fixtures reduce light pollution

  • grafika

    Waste segregation

    Bins located on the project enable residents to segregate their waste.

  • grafika

    Sustainable transport

    Bicycle shelter and a generally accessible charging station for cars to facilitate the use of environmentally friendly means of transport


29. Aleja offers a broad selection of apartments with various layouts. An extensive range of 1- and 2-room apartments is an excellent opportunity for both single persons and couples, and also for investors. On the other hand, with an eye to families with children, we have designed comfortable 3- and 4-room apartments. Apartments on the ground floor will have home gardens, and those on higher floors balconies, loggias and even spacious terraces.

Advantages of the apartments:

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    High quality finishing materials, certified anti-dust paints

  • ikonka

    Balcony, terrace, loggia or private garden for all flats

  • ikonka

    High windows

  • ikonka

    Certified anti-burglary doors

  • ikonka

    Functional flat layout

  • ikonka

    Optic fibre and TV cables pre-installed in all flats

  • ikonka

    Facilities for people with disabilities


Why is it worth visiting us?

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  • ikonka
  • Our sales offices are located on site or in the vicinity of the project, so you will be able to explore the neighbourhood and view your future apartment and project grounds.
  • During the meeting, we will take you through the purchase process, answer your questions, present visualizations, 3D mock-ups and apartment plans, all in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Safety first! To protect our customers' health, we have put in place the necessary protection measures in our offices.

We are here to answer every question

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