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People associate Italian culture with having a taste for life, comfort, and beauty and paying attention to small details. These ideas are reflected in the Urbino project - our new investment whose name refers to modern urban thinking. The Urbino project stands out for its modern architecture, its intriguing design, its ubiquitous greenery and its comfortable common areas. It is not by accident that the district of Włochy was chosen for this project, as Włochy literally means Italy and it is one of the greenest districts in Warsaw.
The Urbino project is aimed at lovers of an urban lifestyle who value the combination of being close to the city centre while living in cosy, green surroundings.


  • comfortable green common areas
  • functional apartment layouts plus balconies, terraces and gardens
  • quick access to the city centre (along Jerozolimskie avenue) and fast exit from the city (via the southern Warsaw ring road)
  • close to Atrium Reduta and Blue City shopping centres with a wide range of shops and service outlets
  • attractive green stretches in the neighbourhood, including at Park Szczęśliwicki and Park ze Stawami Cietrzewia

  • 1/6 - Osiedle Urbino - widok na elewację od ulicy Szybkiej
    Osiedle Urbino - widok na elewację od ulicy Szybkiej
  • 2/6 - Osiedle Urbino - widok na elewację od ulicy Równoległej
    Osiedle Urbino - widok na elewację od ulicy Równoległej
  • 3/6 - Osiedle Urbino - Etap 1, budynek A - Widok na budynek od strony dziedzińca
    Osiedle Urbino - Etap 1, budynek A - Widok na budynek od strony dziedzińca
  • 4/6 - Osiedle Urbino - Widok na budynek od strony ulicy wewnętrznej
    Osiedle Urbino - Widok na budynek od strony ulicy wewnętrznej
  • 5/6 - Osiedle Urbino - Widok na zielone patio
    Osiedle Urbino - Widok na zielone patio
  • 6/6 - Osiedle Urbino - Przykładowa aranżacja mieszkania
    Osiedle Urbino - Przykładowa aranżacja mieszkania
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  • Image miniature 2
  • Image miniature 3
  • Image miniature 4
  • Image miniature 5
  • Image miniature 6


The Urbino project is under development in a cosy part of Włochy at Równoległa street. The major advantages of this location are:
  •     quick commute to the city centre along Jerozolimskie avenue or via Grójecka street,
  •     easy access to the southern Warsaw ring road which provides a convenient exit from the city,
  •     5 minutes by car to Atrium Reduta and Blue City shopping centres and 10 minutes by car to Janki shopping centre and IKEA,
  •     proximity of key transport hubs such as (Western Railway Station and Chopin Airport) which ensure a convenient journey to many places.


The Urbino project is located in a cosy part of the Włochy district. The neighbourhood features advanced urban infrastructure. Shops, supermarkets (Castorama, E.Leclerc, Biedronka and Lidl) and well-known shopping centres (Reduta and Blue City) in the vicinity. There are numerous educational establishments such as schools and preschools in the area. Those who enjoy active relaxation and walks in green surroundings will appreciate having Szczęśliwicki Park nearby. Major thoroughfares and public transport including the Fast City Rail (SKM) provide easy access to the city centre, to Western Railway Station and Chopin Airport.

Advantages of the location and surroundings:

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    15 minutes to the market square

  • ikonka

    5 min. walk to the stop

  • ikonka

    Close to recreational and sport areas

  • ikonka

    Easy access to the central ring road

  • ikonka

    Rich cultural offer in the neighbourhood

  • ikonka

    Ideal connection with the airport


The Urbino project is a modern architectural solution with details referring to timeless Italian design. Light coloured façades will have wooden trims and green vines while artistic murals and grooves will add character to the façade from the Równoległa street side. The project will feature diverse, attractively arranged greens, a playground and chill out areas for adults. We made sure that we created a modern and functional design for every element of the structural landscaping.


A wide range of elements on the estate are in place to improve the living comfort of its residents. These are:

  • Grafika


    The intelligent building solution that through a dedicated mobile application automatically opens driveway/pedestrian gates and calls up the lift


  • a green courtyard with a playground equipped with seating places and a chess tabley
  • outdoor bicycle stands with a repair station and a parking area for scooters
  • a parcel-pick-up-stationy
  • security guards for the building and access to the courtyard for residents only



The project will feature diverse and attractively arranged greenery. We plan to plant native trees and shrubs in the courtyard to increase biodiversity. Vines reaching up to the third floor will ramble over the façade. This is designed to improve thermal comfort. Power-saver LED lighting will be used throughout the site.

Advantages of the project:

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    Segregation of waste

  • ikonka

    Wide parking spaces (250 cm)

  • ikonka

    Fence, monitoring and 24/7 security ensuring safety for the inhabitants

  • ikonka

    Facilities for the disabled

  • ikonka

    Underground garage and parking lot near the building

  • ikonka

    System for controlling access to the area of the estate, to the buildings and garages

  • ikonka

    Bike storage room/ Parking spaces for single-track vehicles

  • ikonka

    Storage areas

  • ikonka

    Baby carriage rooms and storage rooms in the area of the estate

  • ikonka

    Safe playground

  • ikonka

    Energy saving elevators

  • ikonka

    The estate designed in a way ensuring minimized energy consumption

  • ikonka

    Spaces used for segregation of waste away from walking/transportation routes and equipped with separate ventilation system

  • ikonka

    Small landscape elements - benches, bike racks etc.

  • ikonka

    Carefully designed green areas


One six-floor building was designed as the first stage of the Urbino project. It accommodates 124 flats of 1 to 5 rooms with floor areas of 38-97 sq.m. The majority of the stage-one flats are 2- room flats with 35-50 sq.m floorage. All flats will have a balcony, a recessed balcony or a terrace, and residents on the ground floor will be able to spend their time in their own spacious private gardens, the largest of them having an area of 90 sq.m.

Advantages of the apartments:

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    Balconies, terraces, loggias or gardens in each apartment

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    Optimal sun exposure of the flats

  • ikonka

    All flats provided with optical fibre cables and radio & TV connections

  • ikonka

    Acoustic protection of the flats

  • ikonka

    Functional layouts of the flats

  • ikonka

    Anti-smog protection in windows


Why is it worth visiting us?

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  • Our sales offices are located on site or in the vicinity of the project, so you will be able to explore the neighbourhood and view your future apartment and project grounds.
  • During the meeting, we will take you through the purchase process, answer your questions, present visualizations, 3D mock-ups and apartment plans, all in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Safety first! To protect our customers' health, we have put in place the necessary protection measures in our offices.

We are here to answer every question

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