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For your convenience this Web Service uses cookies and similar technologies to adapt the Service to the preferences of its users as well as for statistical, advertising and functional purposes. Cookies are small text files sent to the user’s device by the web service visited by such web user. In addition, cookies enable the investigation of users' preferences and therefore improve the quality of our services.

Every user may either accept cookies or switch them off in their web browser settings, as instructed in in the content of this Policy.

Cookies are used by services to which we refer displaying e.g. multimedia content.

The service uses performance cookies, or cookies for the collecting of information about the way in which the site is used so that it can operate better, and functional cookies, or cookies that make it possible to “remember” the user’s settings (e.g. the language, font size). These are, among other things:

· cookies – statistics for

·         cookies related to the “Facebook” plug-in that allows sharing content more easily via social media. The Facebook privacy policy can be found here:

·         Session cookies (expire after the end of the session)

Foreign services whose materials we present can also use cookies that enable the logging and delivery of advertisements corresponding to the users’ preferences and behaviour. In particular, such cookies include:

·         On cookies containing user preferences and the click counter (described in the privacy policy

·         In and cookies allowing you to log in, and also cookies placed by advertisers, allowing them to display ads based on user behaviour (the policy on cookies is available here: policy)

Web browsers (Service user software) permit the saving of cookies on the end user's device by default. Information concerning the handling of cookies is available in the software (web browser) settings. The level of protection against cookies may be set by the Service User in his/her web browser, including complete blockage of cookies. This increases the level of security and data protection, but may also deactivate some functions or completely prevent the use of the service.

Cookies are used to following ends:

·         adaptation of Service website content to the User’s preferences and optimization of website use; in particular displaying the website according to the User’s individual preferences;

·         maintaining the Service User’s session;

·         generating statistical data which permit insight in the manner in which Service Users use websites, which enables the improvement the content of such websites;

How to change settings in popular web browsers

Google Chrome

Click the menu (top right corner), the tab titled Settings > Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click the Content settings button. You can change the following settings related to cookies in the “Cookies” section:

·         Removal of cookies

·         Default blocking of cookies

·         Default permission of cookies

·         Default storage of cookies and site data until browser closure

·         Definition of exception for cookies from specific sites or domains

Internet Explorer

From the browser menu (top right corner): Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, Site button. Set the level using the slider, approve the change by clicking OK.

Mozilla Firefox

From the browser menu: Tools > Options > Privacy. Activate the field: Firefox: “will use the user settings”. The decision regarding cookies is made by clicking – or not – the Accept Cookies item.


From the browser menu: Tool > Preferences > Advanced.

The decision regarding cookies is made by selecting – or not – the Cookies item.


In the Safari drop-down menu, select Preferences and click the Safety icon. The security level is selected here in the “Accept cookies” area.

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