A Noble Parcel from Dom Development

Christmas is a time of gifts, joy, reflection and charity.  
For us at Dom Development, it is a special occasion to bring joy to those who need it most.  It is an immense pleasure to us that Dom Development employees have become involved in such a lofty initiative as Noble Parcel. Thanks to the involvement of many of you Christmas assistance has been offered to two families in need: highly disadvantaged siblings afflicted with multiple health conditions and a married couple with three children. We collected for them a large number of foodstuffs, cleaning supplies and small gifts.

The assistance we extended to them made their Christmas more joyful and helped them to expect a brighter future and increase trust in others. 
The recipients also sent us presents, lovely figurines made by their children, for which we wish to thank them heartily.

Dom Development will undoubtedly find more occasions to help those in need in a similar manner to this splendid initiative.

Publication date: 13.12.2013