Which option to choose? What materials to use?

With us you’ll find three Fit-out Packages: PRAKTYCZNY (practical) WYGODNY (convenient) and KOMFORTOWY (comfortable). They are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Each of them offers a comprehensive apartment fit-out, including bathroom equipment, flooring, interior doors as well as wall painting. Check out which package is the best for you!


Do you value a wide range of materials that are top quality but at a reasonable price? This offer includes a comprehensive home fit-out, i.e. wall painting, bathroom equipment, kitchen and hall tiling, laminate flooring in rooms and the installation of interior doors. Choose from hundreds of materials and create your own style!


A fitted-out apartment and a fully equipped kitchen in one go! Choose this package and enjoy all the benefits of the Dom Package with the addition of a complete kitchen and household appliances. We offer modular kitchen furniture, including a wide palette of colours and different types of fronts, countertops and handles.


For the discerning customer – this offer includes a complete home fit-out, including kitchen and hall tiling, wooden flooring in rooms, wall painting, bathroom equipment and interior doors. And that's all with an extended range of carefully selected materials to create a unique and stylish interior that's just for you.


Looking for higher-end materials for the whole apartment? This package combines the aesthetics of the Komfort Package with stylish kitchen design and household appliances. Create your dream kitchen with a choice of colours and different types of fronts, counter tops and handles.

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